It’s Been a While

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I apologize for the lack of updates as of late.  After the Fall quarter ended back in October, I just wanted to go home to see my friends and family.  It was a hard and tiring first quarter.  A lot has happened since then but I managed to document most of it on the ICO Blog.

On my way back to Ottawa, I visited my best friend Lin in Toronto and then I went to Waterloo to give a presentation to the UW Pre-Optometry Club.  We got back from the quarter break in November for one week of classes before we were given another full week off for Thanksgiving. So, Sally, Dan, Andrew, Keny, Tiffany and I took the opportunity to go on a road trip to Indianapolis that week. Then a week later on the first day of class, I spent another small fortune on equipment… after all of my Black Friday shopping. /sadface

We’re well into the Winter quarter now and I just wanted to say that this quarter has been insane… at least more so than last quarter.  Not only did the breaks completely throw my sleep/study schedule off and demotivate me from doing any work, but we started the Patient Advocate Program this quarter, so we have assigned shifts in the IEI primary care clinics for 3.5 hours a week (I have mine on Saturday mornings) on top of our six classes and three labs.  Plus, we have more homework and assignments… and practicals in January!  >.<  I’ve been unable to find the time to study in between all of this but luckily for us (if you would consider it lucky), we only have to write two exams a week now instead of three like last quarter (gotta find that silver lining somewhere).

Classes I’m taking this quarter:

Ocular Anatomy
Biochemistry II
Geometric and Theoretical Optics II
Human Physiology and Pathology II
Optometry 1.2
Vision Science I

Labs I’m taking this quarter:

Optometry 1.2
Vision Science II
Ocular Anatomy

Just four more quarter exams, two more lab quizzes and two weeks before Christmas break!

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